皇冠贵宾会网址 challenges students to grow. 皇冠贵宾会网址颂扬智力活力, 引发良心的质疑, 培养社区生活的技能.

在奥尔尼, students from nearly every imaginable sociocultural and economic background call our campus home for nearly nine months each year. 除了提供挑战性, 门大学预科课程, 皇冠贵宾会网址也帮助塑造身体, 情感, 精神上的, and intellectual well-being of young learners who come to us from across the United States and the world.



Established in 1837 by the 俄亥俄州 Yearly Meeting of Friends, Olney continues to cultivate the Quaker values of consensus, 完整性, and cooperative conflict resolution while honoring ethnic, 种族, 宗教, LGBTQIAS, 和社会经济多样性. Students participate integrally in all aspects of community life, 包括在宿舍里做决定, 仔细考虑学校提供的课程, 在厨房和农场工作. 100% of Olney graduates are admitted to 4-year accredited colleges and universities. The school is located on 350 USDA certified organic acres near the town of Barnesville, 俄亥俄州, 在阿巴拉契亚山脉的丘陵地带. The area is largely agricultural; nearby areas of ecological interest allow the school to offer hands-on environmental science education. The Olney farm provides not only food for the community, but also educational opportunities for students and revenue for the school. The Olney curriculum takes advantage of its small size, 国际学生的存在, and culture of inquiry to offer a unique academic environment for high school students. All courses teach core college preparatory material and skills while offering students opportunities to choose to engage with material at greater depth and at an individual pace.

查看主楼的虚拟游览, whose campus is “listed in National Register of Historic Places as Friends 登机 School and 俄亥俄州 Yearly Meetinghouse Historic District (National Register #358778).

View a virtual tour of the Stillwater Science Center: (description notes that it was acquired, upgraded, and equipped with new science labs in 2015):  

Olney is accredited by the Independent School Association of the Central States (ISACS), and is a member of the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) and the Friends Council on Education (FCE).


The 皇冠贵宾会网址 student body averages 50 students in grades 9-12. The faculty to student ratio is 1:3, and the median class size is 8. 学生们来自美国各地.S. and from many different countries in recent years, 包括阿富汗, 卢旺达, 中国, 埃及, 日本, 越南,哥斯达黎加和其他国家, representing a wide variety of 宗教 and secular traditions. The small size of the student body and inclusive values lead students of all backgrounds to socialize together, adding a multicultural global perspective inside and out of the classroom. Our faculty members generally possess significant teaching experience and over half hold advanced degrees (masters or doctorate).



The underlying principles of intentional community, combined with Quaker values for shared decision-making and equality, mean that Olney students take on multiple responsibilities for the smooth functioning of their school. All students at Olney participate weekly in consensus-based community meetings to develop policies and programming, and to respond to important issues as they arise. Designated student leadership opportunities include:







Most Olney classes follow an informal discussion format or use the Harkness Method to build inquiry based learning skills comparable to those of upper level college students. 学生们深深地沉浸在课程材料中, 批判性的思考, and develop argumentation styles for presentation of thoughtfully conceived positions. New indoor laboratory facilities constructed in 2014 complement Olney’s 350-acre “outdoor laboratory” where students collect new data to analyze in concert with decades of historic environmental data.

Students choose among multiple electives each year that cover college preparatory content and skills. Electives last from 4 to 8 weeks and can support students toward meeting graduation requirements. 近期选修课包括宗教哲学, 建立和保护财富, 数码电影制作. Co-curricular traditions at 皇冠贵宾会网址 include every student, and support the academic rigor and lifelong learning ethic characteristic of the school. 包括文学事件, 去博物馆, 历史及自然景点, 一年一度的“体操展览”演出, 特殊的食物, 和农场活动.


  • 英语:4年 -文学、写作和批判性思维
  • 历史:4年 -美国、西方和全球历史
  • 数学:4年 -Algebra I/II, Geometry, Pre- and Post-Calculus, Calculus, Statistics
  • 实验室科学:3年 – Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science
  • 外语2岁: -西班牙语、日语或ESOL
  • 美术:1年 -音乐、工作室艺术、木工或戏剧
  • 良心的问题: .75 yr -宗教、哲学、和平与社会正义
  • 健康: .5 yr -《皇冠贵宾会网址》
  • 金融知识: .5 yr -预算、现金管理和财务
  • 初级研究论文 – Demonstrating academic research and documentation skills at college level
  • 毕业论文及演讲 demonstrating thoughtful and persuasive argumentation, 批判性思维, 以及大学写作水平.
  • Admission to a four-year, accredited college or university


体育/运动: 4 years (including soccer, cross country, ultimate frisbee, swimming, and farmwork)

校园工作程序: 4 years  (on-campus community service, including  kitchen, janitorial, and maintenance jobs)

学校治理: 4 years (active participation in dorm- and school-level decisions through consensus-based weekly meetings)


在过去的五年内, Olney graduates were admitted to dozens of colleges, 大学和艺术学院, 包括:

  • 亚利桑那州立大学
  • 波尔州立大学
  • 伯里亚学院
  • 布拉夫顿大学
  • 加州艺术学院
  • 克拉克大学
  • 大西洋学院
  • 伍斯特学院
  • 康奈尔大学
  • 厄勒姆学院
  • 埃默里大学
  • 美国高盛学院
  • 吉尔福德学院
  • 哈弗福德学院
  • 希兰大学
  • 爱荷华州立大学
  • 约翰逊和威尔士大学,普罗维登斯校区
  • Juniata大学
  • 刘易斯 & 克拉克学院
  • 罗耀拉大学
  • 马歇尔大学
  • 密歇根州立大学
  • 俄亥俄大学
  • 东北大学
  • 宾夕法尼亚州立大学
  • 昆尼皮亚克大学
  • 罗德岛设计学院
  • 芝加哥艺术学院
  • 视觉艺术学院(纽约)
  • St. 约翰的大学
  • St. 劳伦斯大学
  • 常青州立大学
  • 俄亥俄州立大学
  • 伦敦艺术大学
  • 康涅狄格大学
  • 马萨诸塞大学阿默斯特分校
  • 匹兹堡大学
  • 沃伦威尔逊学院
  • 威拉米特大学
  • 威尔明顿大学